Best Consumer Data Practices Naturally Leads to Engaged and Responsive Consumer Interactions


Whatever term is used – lineage, provenance, traceability, transparency, history … we as consumers have the legal right to know under GDPR how and when our personal information was added to a consumer database along with details of what we agreed to and how our data will be used in the future. We also have the right to have this data removed – the right to be forgotten.


Marketers rely heavily on targeting a suitable audience to deliver timely and relevant communications, without which their marketing campaigns would be unlikely to meet their goals and growth plans.


The consumers’ rights and the marketeers requirements for visibility of a consumer’s buying habits, geo-demographic status, lifestyle interests and so on need to work in tandem. This balance is a fine one, consumers will engage with relevant offers and communication they see these communications as having value to them.


Data Baby Direct Marketing helps to ensure that marketing professionals can reach the consumers they need to reach in a compliant and ethical manner, adopting a range of best consumer data practices.


Unlike many ‘profiling’ platforms based upon propensity modeling (typical for the area, or typical of the age group) the Data Baby Consumer Database comprises largely of a consumer database of ‘factual’ information, data – freely given by the consumers themselves. Many of the records have been built from lifestyle surveys both conducted by telephone and online.


This makes a huge difference to consumer engagement – if a consumer has confirmed their interests and given permission to receive offers and communications about these interests then naturally an increased engagement level will follow.


Data Baby take a responsible lead on consumer data, adhering to both the consumers’ rights and marketing preferences whilst simultaneously ensuring marketeers can reach the correct audience.


Every record held within the Data Baby base and held on file has a full history of touch points built up over each interaction. Consumers can change their preferences should they wish to by either emailing or telephoning into the business. Consumers can obtain an insight into data held about them should they wish to have visibility. Irrespective of GDPR and PECR legislation these best practices help to build consumer trust, higher levels of engagement and ultimately happier consumers and more successful marketing campaigns.


Data Baby work with many of the leading brands across many sectors including Charities, Utilities, Financial Services, and lifestyle interests.


The team at Data Baby are keen to help out clients grow through the delivery of compliant consumer data services helping both consumers and our clients alike to engage in relevant marketing offers and valuable information which is tailored to them.


Sean Clarson, Business Development & Account Manager Data Baby Direct Marketing.

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