Direct Mail as a channel is still going strong, and there’s little wonder as to why!

  • Mail has a more powerful effect on long-term memory encoding than any other media. 32% higher than email and 72% higher than TV.
  • 80% say they can remember advertising mail sent to them in the last 4 weeks.
  • 60% of people say the best mail keeps brands top of mind.
  • Campaigns that included mail were 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance than campaigns that didn’t.
*Source Royal Mail’s Private Life of Mail research initiative

So why choose us? Well, we keep it simple and cost effective – no technical jargon or expensive add-ons PLUS compliant opt in data, meaning you’ll get the best advice and return on investment for your campaign.


Traditional direct mail is currently an opt out service as opposed to opt in. This means that mailing houses will use modelled or derived data to produce your prospects, rather than factual or lifestyle information. Your prospects are therefore likely grouped together based on their postcode, affluence propensity or perceived socio economic group. Who likes to be stereotyped, hey!

With a changing landscape for data with the forthcoming GDPR data protection regulations there will be an increased focus on compliance therefore focus will shift to OPT IN data.

At Data Baby we only ever use opt in data. Due to the files that we hold and the way that the data is collected, all of our prospects have opted in at both sector and channel level meaning that they have expressed an interest in hearing from companies just like yours, via direct mail, telephone, email or SMS.

As well as covering all bases in terms of compliance, this means that you can select from more niche profiles, using factual or lifestyle information, volunteered by the consumers themselves. This goes hand in hand with better targeting and an increased ROI.

With in-house access to MPS files, mortis screen, PAF, as well as the ability to check for gone-aways depending upon your requirements, your wastage is reduced and your message delivered to the optimum audience.

Competitive pricing

Data, print, fulfilment and postage… All in. It’s as simple as that. It’s all done under one roof, providing a slick, efficient and cost effective solution, priced to your specifications.

Why not get in touch for a chat about your requirements? We would be happy to provide a no obligation quote. 01924 802220