If you have any doubts about the importance of data cleansing, simply ask yourself this:

How many people do you know who…
– moved to a new house this year?
– changed their mobile number?
– changed jobs?
– got married?

Even if your customers’ age is far from millennial, changes to personal details continuously happen. Therefore, using an old or uncleansed database could mean overspending on your marketing campaign, as well as sending messages out to the wrong people.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing is also known as data scrubbing. This process is all about identifying and removing incorrect data from the uncleansed data list. Using an old list can ruin the company’s image and make a negative impact on potential customers. Methodical Data cleansing process by professionals can help you get hands-on authentic data which is far more effective in ensuring successful marketing campaigns. Accurate data list is the key ingredient for reaching targeted audiences. To drive traffic leads and increase revenue, conversions, and engagement, it is necessary to arm yourself with a 100% accurate list.

So… how can you prevent sending messages to wrong people?

The answer is regular and vigorous data cleansing.

Data cleansing is the process of updating an existing database to ensure all the collected information is accurate and correct. The process usually involves modifying, replacing or deleting outdated, incomplete, inaccurate or not relevant parts of the data.

With clients more and more frequently realizing the benefit of using their existing and lapsed client bases to up-sell and to generate new business, it is important to turn data cleansing into a regular routine rather than a one-time venture. Otherwise, you risk the quality of your database to quickly go downhill.

So… what can we do to take care of your database?

Data Baby offers a full data cleansing, appending and enrichment service to help clients maximize their own data. Our data cleansing services include:

– Gone Away Suppression/Flagging
– LLV & HLR live number testing
– PAF Address Correction
– De-duping
– Deceased Suppression/Flagging
– Enhance/Append missing or additional details
– Home Movers
– TPS & MPS Clean (removing who have signed up not to be contacted)

In other words, we do the whole lot… all to ensure that your email, telephone, digital and postal campaigns deliver you optimal value for money and no budget is spent on knocking on closed doors.

How will our data cleansing method benefit your business?

  • Saves Mailing Cost: An accurate data list not only makes the marketing process cost-efficient but also provides valuable consumer insights.
  • Maintain Data Protection Act: Our experts can help you with Data Cleansing procedure so that you can easily abide by the Data Protection Act.
  • Reach Relevant Customers: Data cleansing process helps in identifying your target audience and get everything right concerning specifications like the target age group, the target area and scrapping unwanted information from the list.
  • Structure Better Campaigns: Having a list of clean targeted data, will help focus your metrics and measure the impact of your campaign. Careful campaign analysis will help in structuring budgets, improving strategic planning by integrating different communications techniques to create winning campaigns.
  • Improve Service Quality: High-quality clean data can help you offer more accurate and customer-specific services. Increasing customer engagement boosts business and branding.

How do we cleanse customer data for you?

Cleansing data for the customers is not an easy task. Data is dynamic today and sometimes, even 3-month-old data could be invalid. Therefore, it is important to follow a step by step method for cleansing data. Let our experts dig into multiple databases and find out relevant information for your business. Following is the five steps process that we follow to create a 99% effective and clean database:

  • Data Auditing

Data auditing is the first step we take in data cleansing procedure. In order to find inaccuracies and anomalies, the auditing procedure includes database and statistical methods. The location of the anomalies is detected and analyzed to find out the root cause of the issue.

  • Use of Multiple Methods

An individual company can opt for auditing using its own resources. However, it is not wise to stick to a single auditing plan but it is advisable to hire telemarketing and data companies who are expert in cleansing existing data and improving their accuracy.

  • Consolidate Data

Eliminating repeated or unwanted information from the list is not the only task in the data cleansing process. During the data cleansing process, we also try to enrich the database or update it as much as possible. For examples, if there are good prospects in the database, however, they lack additional information like address and contact number, then we step in. We research and improvise the database with key information like phone number and addresses.

  • Feedback

We always advise our clients to introduce a feedback mechanism. This is because if the client is sending bulk emails and if some addresses are wrong, then the bounced emails can influence the success of the campaign.  Using a feedback mechanism can help you detect wrong email addresses in your subscriber list. The same process is not only advised but also followed by Data Baby.

  • Repeat

Data cleansing is not a one-time process. In terms of using effective and useful data, it is necessary to run a data enhancement process on a regular basis. People’s lives are so dynamic today that most of them are changing their phone numbers or addresses in every six months or so. According to a report it is found that the number of home movers has increased by 18% and more 55,300 than in past years. The highest numbers of home movers announced in 2017 totaled 653,700. Considering the ups and downs in the movers’ list it can be easily concluded that it is hard to rely on the database older than 1 year or so.

To find out more about how Data Baby can help with your data enhancement please give us a call on 01924 802220.

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